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New Zealand Migration.

If you have decided that New Zealand is a place you’d like to emigrate to, the next step is finding out if you qualify to work in New Zealand. There are many visa options available that you can apply for. However, each visa has their own criteria so you would need to meet the required criteria to be eligible.

Skilled migrants
You can apply for a resident visa under the skilled migrant category if you have the right qualifications and experience. It works on a points system, taking a number of factors into account, such as work experience, age and skill. Also, you must be 55 or under to apply and be able to speak English fluently. Before you apply, you must firstly calculate your points and submit an ‘expression of interest’. You must score 160 points or more to receive an invitation to apply. Successful applicants will then be granted their visa.

Temporary visas
Temporary visas allow people to work, visit and study in New Zealand for a set period of time. It can lead to gaining a visa to work and live here permanently. The following visas in this category include working holiday visa, work to residence visa, family visa, student and visitor visa. The working holiday visa is ideal for young people. It’s designed for those who are between the age of 18-30 and it lets you work in New Zealand for up to 12 months - 23 months if you’re from the UK or Canada.

Residence from Work visa
Once you’ve lived in New Zealand for two years (with a Work to Residence visa) you now may be able to apply for residency status using the Residence from Work visa. If you are successful in your application, you’ll be able to live in New Zealand permanently. There are two paths to gaining this visa. If you are qualified and skilled in an occupation on the long-term skill list, you can apply for a work visa under the long-term skill list category. Alternatively, if you have a job with an accredited employer in New Zealand, you can apply for a Residence from Work visa under the accredited employers category. Each pathway has their own criteria, including age and salary.

There are many different visas that allow you to run a business in New Zealand. You can apply for an entrepreneurial visa which is for people who have been running their own business in New Zealand, as self-employed for 6 months. The business visitor visa lets you visit New Zealand for business reasons for up to 3 months in any one year. There is also the Entrepreneur Work Visa, which experienced business people can apply for.

If you would like to invest in New Zealand, there are two main visas. There is the Investor 1 Resident Visa, which is suitable for people who have NZ $10 million to invest over a three-year period and the visa lets you visit the country with your family. However, your children must be aged 24 and under. The other option is the Investor 2 Resident Visa, which is for experienced investors who have a minimum of NZ $3 million in assets or funds. To apply, you’ll have to detail information about your business and an expression of interest.

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