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When looking to progress your career, moving overseas is a great way to develop valuable skills whilst also experiencing a new culture. Many engineering firms, law practices and architectural companies in New Zealand are keen to recruit professionals from other countries. Cobalt Recruitment is an international agency and our global network of contacts are something we are very proud of. We can help you find a new job abroad and ensure you make the right decisions to boost your career.

A guide to working in New Zealand

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Migration information
New Zealand Immigration

New Zealand has a range of visa options available, but it’s important you choose the right visa. However, there are a number of requirements you would need to meet for a work visa. Each of the visas have their own criteria. For example, the Skilled Migrant visa category uses a point based system on factors such as work experience and age, and it’s suitable for people who are looking to work in New Zealand on a permanent basis.

Living in New Zealand

Healthcare in NZ
Whether you are working or studying during your stay in New Zealand, you should look to hold medical and comprehensive hospitalisation insurance. Certain visas are not covered by health care insurance. You’ll need to pay for your own healthcare if you have a work visa that’s for less than two years, but the accident compensation scheme covers most serious injuries. It’s important you start looking for a GP once you know where you’re going to live. There are over 3,500 GPs across New Zealand.

Weather and climate
New Zealand’s climate varies from subtropical summer weather in the far North to mild, moderate temperate in the South. The island frequently experiences sudden changes in weather, but the warmest months are December, January and February and the coldest are June, July, August.

NZ education system
It’s compulsory for children aged six to sixteen to attend school. New Zealand’s education has three levels, which includes early education, primary and secondary schools, followed by higher education. All new citizens are entitled to free education, allowing for flexibility and support.

NZ Property
Whether you’re buying or renting a property to start a business, commercial properties are widely available in New Zealand. There are various specialist property agencies that can provide sales, leasing and management. It’s important that you consult professional advisers before you make a purchase. They can also help you find the best rental properties.

Living costs in NZ

The cost of living in New Zealand could be more or less than your home country. It depends on what part of New Zealand you move to and what country you have come from. Of course, living costs will also be dependent on your income and expenses, but the best way to find out is by using the cost of living calculator.

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