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Job Seekers’ Guide to getting noticed

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The best applicants will be remembered from the very moment they come to the employer’s attention. Whether it’s in a cover letter or during an interview, key details such as presentation and expertise are vital to standing out. As the competition for jobs is strong in New Zealand currently, everybody wants that little something that’ll make them more attractive to employers. What could give you the edge you need?

Here are five different ways you can automatically grab an employer’s attention:

Craft an irresistible cover letter

Many hiring managers get bored of reading cover letters very quickly and don’t make it to the end. Some don’t bother looking at them at all. If you want to stand out, you’ll need to make a great impression. There are a variety of ways you can write a compelling cover letter. One of the most important things to remember is to get straight to the point. In the first paragraph, concisely explain your background and why you want the job. Then, throughout the rest of the cover letter emphasise on what you can bring to the company. Try and communicate in a positive, confident tone that you believe you will add value to the employer’s business. There’s no time to be modest when you write a cover letter. One of the biggest things employers look for is what the candidate can do for the company. Avoid long paragraphs and clichéd statements. Be concise, be confident, be charismatic.

Show leadership

Employers and recruiters across all levels love job seekers who have leadership skills. It doesn’t matter if you’re an entry-level recruit, as there are many qualities and characteristics that you may have that demonstrate leadership skills. Your level of competency could be cut above others. Perhaps you have great interpersonal and influence skills, or maybe you’re an excellent decision maker. Demonstrate how you’ve developed a great level of competency through your job history. Never hesitate to show your potential to be a great leader. Don’t forget to present yourself as a team player, however, as collaboration with colleagues is crucial, whatever your role is.

Be flexible

Are you open to change? Whether you are based in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch or any other area in New Zealand, you must show flexibility. Demonstrate your willingness to work a variety of hours. Many highly skilled and prosperous jobs in today’s job market go beyond 9 to 5. To really stand out, if the employer has global offices, show on your CV and cover letter that you’d be willing to relocate, if it meant progressing in your career. Of course, this isn’t viable for everyone, but is worth a thought.

Always network

Ensure you have a strong and carefully managed online presence. Always remember to keep updating your LinkedIn profile when needed and other forms of social media, as recruiters are constantly looking online for new employees. However, ensure you avoid making easy LinkedIn profile mistakes, such as not including a profile photo and not (honestly) highlighting your skills/experience. Above all, reach out through your network and make contact with people. By consistently creating contacts that are mutually beneficial, you’ll establish a strong network of people you can count on for ideas, support and feedback.

Ace the first 30 seconds of the interview

It’s an old saying, but first impressions do count. You will be judged the minute you enter the room, how you speak and how comfortable you look. In the early moments of the interview, you will need to quickly establish yourself as calm and quietly confident. The interviewer expects you to be nervous, it’s how you deal with those nerves that matters. One of the best ways you can overcome nerves is to treat the interview as a practice, something you can take positives from whatever the outcome. This will prevent negative thoughts and stressing yourself out. The key is to visualise success and believe you will get the job.

In short, you don’t just want to get noticed: you want to stand out as an exceptional applicant that the hiring team couldn’t possibly turn down. You need to show what you have to offer that differentiates from other candidates. So, apply our tips to stand out and get hired!

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