2016 in New Zealand Engineering Market So far 2016 has seen the Engineering team out and about meeting with clients and comparing notes on what consultancies think 2016 will bring.

The message has been very consistent; baring a major world event, 2016 will be a continuation of the buoyant market we enjoyed throughout 2015. The key areas of strain for clients when finding good staff is expected to remain constant as well, that is locally experienced Engineers with Land Development, Infrastructure and Buildings experience.

One of the key things characterised throughout 2015, which we expect to continue are the range of options available to candidates. 2015 saw a number of foreign consultancies open offices in Auckland.

Consultancies with offices elsewhere in New Zealand get drawn into the country's largest economy and a number of experienced Engineers branch away from their employers to set up their own consultancies. Alongside the traditional roles within the multidisciplinary and medium-sized consultancies, this has presented a variety of options for job seekers, the likes of which hasn’t been seen in a long time.

If you are interested in finding out some details about what is happening in the market, please don’t hesitate to contact James Stevenson on +64 (0) 9303 9093 or via email jstevenson@cobaltrecruitment.com with your most recent CV. We are always keen to meet people for a chat over coffee.

Article written by James Stevenson, Engineering Recruiter at Cobalt Recruitment

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