Cobalt Recruitment recently hosted an event for Kiwi Lawyers who are living and working in London. A big thank you to those that came along to the event. It was great to meet those that attended and hear about your personal journeys since you've arrived in the UK.

Kiwi Lawyers This event enabled those living and working in London to meet with our specialist New Zealand legal recruitment consultant, Anand Ranchhod. Anand shared his insight on NZ legal salaries, employment trends and how lawyers can best utilise UK legal experience when returning to New Zealand.

If you missed the event, see the link for a 2018 legal snapshot, to gain an insight into current trends, salaries and information on the NZ legal market. 

Overall, the NZ Legal market is growing and performing strongly with NZ qualified lawyers who have international legal experience being viewed favourably. If you are thinking about a return to New Zealand, contact our specialist legal recruitment consultant Anand Ranchhod on +64 027 2746 186 or at to have a chat about your options. 

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