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Cobalt recommends the Eat My Lunch scheme

Did you know that 1 in 4 children in New Zealand live in poverty and go without lunch every day? We didn’t, and we were shocked to hear that statistic.

As a result we signed up to Eat My Lunch last week, a vehicle that’s been set up to provide a solution to this disturbing social statistic. The concept is brilliant in its simplicity. You just buy one lunch for yourself, and another one will be sent to a child in New Zealand who can’t afford their own. We tried it for the first time this week, it was very accessible and it was delicious! We’ll definitely be doing this on a regular basis.

  Eat my lunch Cobalt Recruitment



Eat My Lunch Emma Molloy


Guy Davidson comments:

"Emma Molloy from our Auckland team brought this to our attention and I’m really pleased she did, it’s a wonderfully effective idea for dealing with child hunger which we’ll continue to support. We will definitely be spreading the word with our clients and candidates."

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