Bronwyn Moodie Cobalt RecruitmentBronwyn Moodie, Interior Fit Out & Residential Construction Recruiter talks about her experience of returning home to New Zealand from the UK.

With the resurgence of work in the UK over the past few years, what would make a Kiwi potentially look at returning home? After 8 years in the UK, I recently made the move back to Auckland with my UK partner in tow and we haven’t looked back since.

We both work within the construction industry and the simple reality is that the New Zealand construction industry is in the midst of one of its biggest booms in recent history, with Auckland firmly at the centre.

The Rugby World Cup last year thrust New Zealand once again into the international spotlight and you just have to look at the amount of work going on - the number of new boutique bars, restaurants, hotels, shopping areas and re-development of key areas and transport hubs across Auckland to paint a picture of how up and coming the city really is, and how far it still has to go. 80, 000 homes are due to be built in the next 5 years alone.

After 8 years living in the hustle and bustle of the UK it was a bit of a shock to the system to step back into the Kiwi lifestyle, but we’ve readily embraced it. We specifically chose Auckland because it could offer the balanced lifestyle we were looking for – a modern city with great work opportunities, friendly people and easy access to some of the most stunning places on the planet.

So, that’s all well and good for a Kiwi who can just jump on a flight home, but what if you’ve been overseas for some time and perhaps have a family or significant other to consider? Well the good news is that the process is fairly simple for family or dependants of a New Zealand Citizen with a variety of options available via Immigration New Zealand – and they have a fantastic team based in London who can answer any specific questions you have. My better half opted to pursue permanent residency, and with his skills and experience in construction, his visa was granted in a just a matter of months.

Sometimes the grass really is greener. Not to mention crisper, cleaner and surrounded by crystal blue waters (perfect for fishing, if you like that sort of thing)?

If you work in Construction, Infrastructure or Property and are returning to New Zealand soon, get in touch with Cobalt Recruitment to talk through your options and projects available on +64 9303 9093. Alternatively, you can email your CV to if the time difference is a bit of a challenge.