Auckland Property and Infrastructure

It has been an action packed start to the year. Construction across Auckland is visible for all to see from all sectors and though it may be hindering some of us getting into work in the mornings, it’s great to see and be a part of these exciting times. I’m sure we all witnessed the New Zealand budget being released in May with the big winners being education with $882.5 million for classrooms and nine new schools whilst residential gets $258 million to provide more social housing and $100m to free up more crown land.

On top of this, commercial construction work in Auckland is in full force with cranes dominating our skylines. The new convention centre is in full swing plus the start of Commercial Bay downtown. 

We move on from vertical to infrastructure where there are new roads and highways going on plus the development of the Central Rail Loop. While this may be causing headaches for some, it is something which Auckland city is in desperate need of if we are to call ourselves a world renowned metropolitan city. It is really great to hear that an investigation into alternative transport modes such as light rail is underway. I would most definitely love to be around to see this all operational in Auckland.

On the back of all the positive news it’s no coincidence that there are still a number of project management and quantity surveying positions. The majority of businesses we are seeing are well resourced in the senior levels but there is a consistent demand for intermediate candidates with 4-8 years experience. There is still an influx of overseas candidates wanting to work here and relocate but New Zealand experience is still the number one priority, as we all know “time is money” and having the ability to hit the ground running is essential.

The big hiring mover has been on the client side/developer businesses. Where normally the consultants have offered their services to run their projects on their behalf, these (small) groups of businesses are seeing the benefit and cost of hiring an internal Project Manager to run projects. This is always going be an enticing proposition to a handful of people but with the market not looking to slow down anytime soon people are enjoying their roles and companies are rewarding their hard work. 

Whether you are actively searching the market or are just interested in hearing what is happening in the market, the property & infrastructure team at Cobalt is happy to speak to you confidentially regarding your current situation.

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Article written by Matt Donnelly, Construction, Property & Infrastructure Recruiter.

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