Construction continues to lead the way in the region in terms of employment and spending, injecting further confidence into the business community.Chch Image

It’s hard to believe we are 6 years into the rebuild but when you walk around the city and see exciting developments taking shape, it soon sinks in just how far we have come as a city. 2017 truly feels like a landmark year and it seems fitting that it began with the unveiling of the Canterbury Earthquake National Memorial.

The first Quarter has also seen work get underway at the Metro Sports Centre site as well as the revamp of Victoria Square get underway, the collaborative Otakaro Orchard and the final stages of the Avon River Precinct will commence throughout the year too.

It looks as though 2017 will provide a much needed boost to those in need of some retail therapy and a taste explosion in the form of many new eateries dotted around the central city opening their doors too. The key will be turned and handed over to occupants on major projects such as the BNZ and ANZ Centres, The Crossing, Crowne Plaza’s 204 room hotel, and the behemoth Justice & Emergency Services Precinct.

All of this and the many new developments that will be announced over the course of the year continues to put pressure on our limited resource. The earthquakes along the Kaikoura Coast have already started to absorb large numbers of expertise into the newly formed alliance, NCTIR. Many of whom were possibly beginning to wonder what life would look like at the conclusion of SCIRT, have had their worries eased as the economic benefits of yet another devastating blow by mother nature come to light. However, we are still finding high demand for experienced site and consultancy construction professionals. There is a continuous stream of overseas candidates wanting to work here and relocate but New Zealand experience is still ultimately the number one priority, as we all know “time is money” and having the ability to hit the ground running is essential.

Naturally we put the challenge to all of our clients to consider the longer term benefits of hiring skills from off shore adding much needed depth the sectors capacity and bringing in new ideas and fresh thinking.

Please keep us in mind when you are looking to hire and manage the increased workload; we have a reliable network of experienced professionals in the industry and will promptly assist to ensure you are meeting your high expectations.

Article written by Jamie Todd, Construction consultant Christchurch. 

If you are interested in discussing any construction roles available or any hiring requirements, please contact your nearest Cobalt office.

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