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The Christchurch Construction & Engineering markets have certainly experienced major change during 2017. One of the most visible changes being the NCTIR alliance which has absorbed a large pool of talent from the Christchurch market, primarily in the Geotechnical and Civil disciplines. This has created some uncertainty around when these people will return to Christchurch and created a short term spike in demand for talent.

Demand for resource in the commercial construction sector in Christchurch has noticeably reduced as companies look to reallocate their employees to other projects and sometimes to other regions in order to not reduce headcount and meet demands in other centres. There is still a significant amount of commercial work to be completed here in Christchurch, notably the anchor projects so hopefully we will see demand increase again.

There has been significant progress around the CBD which is having a positive effect, drawing people back into the city to sample the new hospitality venues and retail offerings that have not been seen here before. This is encouraging other developers to return and invest in the heart of the city which is extremely exciting from a local’s perspective.

We have also noticed increased activity in the regions, with Queenstown and Nelson showing the most growth in the South Island. The recent Masterplan for Queenstown, included a $385million upgrade over the next few decades for the South Island’s crown jewel. In Nelson, a $32million redevelopment of the airport has been a highlight and indicates growth in the region with passenger numbers continuing to rise. The trickiest part of resourcing in the regions is actually getting people to move themselves and often their families there. Housing shortages, schooling and proximity to family and friends are all contributing factors. Companies are offering solutions for accommodation where possible to ensure these great opportunities get the attention they deserve.  

In the Engineering Consultancies, demand is still at an all-time high and there is plenty of movement within the market. For example in the Engineering sector, according to the IPENZ remuneration survey for 2017, 20% of the respondents have changed jobs in the last year, up from 15% two years ago. Local experience is still a key requirement and at the senior level Chartership and a network of clients is being well rewarded.

The Legal and Finance & Accountancy sectors are both experiencing strong growth and demand for professionals with local experience and accreditation is very high. Employers are partnering with us to source talent that is often well entrenched in their current position, but a trend is emerging with companies offering additional perks, including flexible hours, bonuses and wellbeing allowances to offer a point of difference. 

There are plenty of opportunities available in Christchurch and throughout the South Island in all the areas we cover. Some of these opportunities may not be as obvious as they were previously which is where we can really help find the career progression that you are after. The value of a dedicated recruitment professional is ever more present now, to both employers and employees so please get in touch with us and we will partner you with one of our specialist consultants.

What other industry changes did you see in 2017? Let us know in the comments box below!

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