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Checklist: Five key questions when picking your next role

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You’ve got a job and you know it inside out. You’re performing well but you are starting to wonder should you be doing more? Even if you love your job, you probably don’t want to stay in the same position forever. To keep evolving and learning, you have to make a change. But that doesn’t mean applying for random jobs. The progression of your career should be strategic and your decisions must have a purpose.

Why do I want to change jobs?

When looking for a new role, the “why” is more important than anything else. As a common interview question, it’s imperative you have a clear reason for embarking on a new role. If you’re changing jobs out of a dislike for someone at work or because you have to take one train too many in your daily commute, you’re making a drastic decision. Take some time for self-reflection and think about your future. Do you have a desire to learn? Do you want more responsibility? There should always be a sense of moving forward when looking for a new role.

What do I see as the most important career objective?

Resolutions and goals are a fantastic way of helping you find meaningful work. When it comes to your professional life, you need to figure out the key objective that’s going to motivate you to go to work every day. Knowing what you want to achieve is the first step in picking your next role. What’s the first thing that comes to your head? If you want to solve problems or share knowledge, your next job should align with your most important objective. When these goals for your career are not aligned with the company, you are in the wrong job. Take some time to consider this question and discover what’s going to keep you driven and focused.

What are my work values?

When you accept a job offer, there must be a real reason for taking it. It should be centred around things that matter to you. Knowing what you value can help with your career choices. If you want a fulfilling career, your job should match your own core values and attitude towards life. Sit down and write a list of your top values. If one of your values is variety at work, then you know you need to find a role that has a number of different tasks and is challenging. When you have an idea of what gives you inner satisfaction, you can filter out organisation that don’t align with what’s important to you. If you have clear work values, you’ll never stray from your desired path.

What company environment suits me best?

The average person spends 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime. It’s not too much to ask to want to enjoy your time at the office. You can easily determine a company’s culture by checking out their website. Take a look at the company’s social media profiles to learn more about what the company is doing right now or what projects they’re working on. Keep in mind your core personality and the type of culture you thrive you in when looking at a job opening. Always research the company before you apply. It can help you avoid being stuck in a work environment you hate.

What do I enjoy doing for other people?

As a full-time employee, you spend 40 hours a week doing things for other people. All jobs can be stressful but imagine how worse it would be if you don’t enjoy doing the tasks. Ask yourself: what is it that you willingly like to do for other people? Whether it’s designing projects for clients or managing finances, when you know what you enjoy doing, picking your next role will be much easier.

Answer these questions and you can map out your career. The most successful people planned out their career and goals well in advance. You can’t just jump from job to job and hope for the best. It’s important you assess your career and discover how you plan to achieve your personal end-game.

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