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What to do when you don’t get that job!

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You’ve had an interview for the perfect role and now begins the anxious wait to hear back. Finally you receive the phone call or email you’ve been waiting for. The first thing said is ‘Thank you for meeting with us, unfortunately…’ and your disappointment sinks in. This wasn’t the feedback you were hoping for and you can’t help but feel rejected.

The ups and downs of a job hunt can be challenging for everyone but if you deal with the low points well, you won’t have to feel like your confidence has been shattered. So here are a few tips that may help you through the job hunting journey. 

Feedback is important

Getting feedback can be difficult. Quite often employers won’t respond to feedback emails because they are short on time. It is still however vital to get in touch with the employer or recruitment consultant to get some kind of constructive feedback on where you may have gone wrong or what areas you need to improve on for your next interview. A great way to obtain feedback is to make a follow-up phone call after your interview. A phone call can be a positive way to get in touch in a professional manner which is less impersonal than an email. Try to take the feedback on board as open-mindedly as possible as this can help you going forward in the future for other roles.

Utilize a job/career coach

A career coach or specialist can be a great option if you are feeling a bit lost or overwhelmed during your job search. A career coach or specialist offers personal & professional development training. Additionally, a career coach can work with you to develop your CV and help to improve your chances of getting an interview and maximise your interview success. Some coaches may be more knowledgeable about certain occupations, but overall they provide guidance for finding and building job opportunities that suit you. If a career coach isn’t going to be affordable or realistic for you, then ask a friend to run through some common interview questions to help you with your job hunt progress.

Don’t apply for everything

When you define and narrow down your job search, it can be a far more effective method in applications. Make sure you stay focused when browsing through listings, this will help motivate you to identify roles that are best suited to your skill set, rather than applying for the sake of applying which may cause you to lose sight of your original career goals and waste time. Before applying anywhere, look into the role and research the company thoroughly to find out if it could be suitable for you.

Try to remain positive

It may be easier said than done but if you remain positive and optimistic during your job hunt then you will create opportunity for success.  By turning rejection into a learning experience you will be able to understand where you went wrong and where you could improve your skills. Remember that sometimes a job may not be right for you but if you persevere and stay motivated you will reach your goal and expedite your journey to employment!

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