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Weird and wonderful: the strangest structures in New Zealand

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From the Vibrant cities of Wellington and Auckland, to the rushing blue streams of Lake Wanaka, New Zealand has a huge variety of different environments. Tourists all over the world flock to see the beautiful spots and architectural works of this country, but there are a number of unusual sights to visit off the well-trodden paths. We often focus too much on the renowned structures. So, for those who want to see some quirkiness, here are the best places to start.

Re:Start Mall
As shown in this list, there are a variety of unique ways to design a building, but what about using shipping containers? Re:Start is a shopping mall in Christchurch, originally intended as a short-term solution to the infrastructure that was lost in the city’s earthquake. Since it opened in 2011, it has become very popular. There are 27 brightly coloured stacked shipping containers in total. Although the use of shipping containers is quite common, it’s still an unusual, yet interesting idea for a shopping mall. However, the project did come under fire from the London based Box Park Mall, which is also made from shipping containers. Feeling like their idea was stolen, there were reports of them taking legal action.

Puzzling World
With bizarre-shaped structures, mazes and rooms of illusion, Puzzling World is a tourist attraction in Wanaka, literally created to confuse your mind. It has a whole host of unusual buildings, which are impressive architectural pieces. Many of the structures appear to be gravity-defying. One of the most unique and strange structures in Puzzling World is the leaning tower, that is balanced on one corner at seemingly an impossible angle of 53 degrees to the ground.

Futuro House
Designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen, the Futuro House is a prefabricated, spaceship style house built in the 1960s. These structures were mass produced world-wide during the late ‘60s, and they were initially intended to be used as holiday homes. Located in New Zealand as well as various countries, including Japan and Australia, many of these spaceships have been restored and preserved. The Futuro House is made from fiberglass-reinforced plastic. This plastic allows the homes to be transported more easily and could be constructed on site, or dismantled and reassembled.

The Boot bed ‘n’ breakfast
This unusual structure, designed in the shape of a boot, offers a peaceful getaway for visitors. It just so happens to be located in the Tasman District, a popular tourist destination because of its mountains and lavish scenery. The boot is in an ideal location and it was designed by Steve Richards, who owns the guesthouse, along with his wife. It sits on a 6-acre property and its unique design is matched by the curved and rounded interior. Although it may look like something out of a children’s fairy tale, it’s no doubt an intriguing structure.

There is architecture that leaves you bewildered and star-struck, then there are the structures that divert from the norm. All these buildings all have their own unique and unusual features, giving them a special place in the world of architecture.

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